Vision Casting the Greatest Blessing

This concept can be found in session 4

When someone chooses to follow Jesus, how do you help them move down the right path? How do you help them become a producer in God’s kingdom and not just another consumer? How do you help them receive all the blessings that God is willing to give? I start by telling them this...

It is a blessing to follow Jesus. It is a great blessing to lead others to follow Jesus. It is a greater blessing to start a new spiritual family. It is the greatest blessing to equip others to start new spiritual families.

Ask Yourself

  1. Is this the pattern you were taught when you first began to follow Jesus? If not, what was different?
  2. After you came to faith, how long was it before you began to disciple others?
  3. What do you think would happen if new followers started sharing and discipling others, immediately?

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