Obedience Focused Disciple-Making

This concept can be found in session 1

What is a disciple? And how do you make one?

How do you teach a follower of Jesus to obey all of His commands? How do you take someone who’s lived their life as a captive of the world and equip them to become a citizen of God’s kingdom?

What is a church?

You may be used to thinking of the church as a building - a place where you go. But God’s Word talks about the church as a gathering - a people you belong to.

Simple churches are spiritual families with Jesus as their center and their King. Simple churches are spiritual families who Love God, Love Others and Make Disciples who Multiply.

Ask Yourself

  1. When you think of a church, what comes to mind?
  2. What's the difference between that picture and what's described in the video as a 'Simple Church'?
  3. Which one do you think would be easier to multiply and why?

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