Leadership Cells equip individual believers in a short time to learn reproductive patterns that last a lifetime. Leadership Cells help learners become leaders who will then start new groups, train new churches, and begin more Leadership Cells to grow God’s family.

Nomads, students, military personnel, seasonal workers who already follow Jesus work great in a Leadership Cell. Because of their culture, their profession or their season of life - they may have a hard time establishing an ongoing group, but they can absolutely be trained how to start groups in each place they travel.

Ask Yourself

  1. Is there a group of followers of Jesus you know that are already meeting or would be willing to meet and form a Leadership Cell to learn Zúme Training?
  2. What would it take to bring them together?

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Zúme uses an online training platform to equip participants in basic disciple-making and simple church planting multiplication principles, processes, and practices.

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