Generation mapping is another simple tool to help leaders in a movement understand the growth around them. It helps show fruitful churches, which therefore deserve continued investment and attention. It helps show where there are stops in multiplication and training might be required.

Heath of the movement is a top concern for leaders. Fruitfulness is a top way to measure health.

A generation tree map can be drawn on a piece of paper or multiple pieces of paper.

Example of generation tree map

generation mapping

Key information about the maturity of a group can be recorded with five simple fields (drawn similar to the four fields pattern):

  • Number of seekers in group
  • Number of baptized believers in group
  • Number in accountability relationships
  • Functioning as a church (Y/N)
  • Number who have started another group

Snapshot of group maturity

generation mapping

Ask Yourself

  • If you can't draw a generation map now, do you believe God through you could one day?

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