Duckling Discipleship – Leading Immediately

This concept can be found in session 4

No matter where you are in the world, it always looks the same. A Mother Duck leads and her ducklings follow - one by one - all in a row. The Mother Duck leads. The little ducks follow. But if you look even closer, you’ll see something else is happening, too.

If you want to see God’s family grow far and grow in faithfulness, then think of disciple-making like ducklings - become a follower and a leader at exactly the same time.

Ask Yourself

  1. What is one area of discipleship (reading/understanding the Bible, praying, sharing God's Story, etc.) that you want to learn more about? Who is someone that could help you learn?
  2. What is one area of discipleship that you feel you could share with others? Who is someone that you could share with?

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