The Coaching Checklist is a simple tool you can use to help guide you as you assist others through various parts of Zume Training like The Training Cycle or their List of 100.

What skills are you seeing develop in others? What areas still need to be developed?

Having a Coaching Checklist will help you stay focused and engaged as you develop followers of Jesus into leaders in God’s family, everywhere you go.

The Coaching Checklist is a powerful tool you can use to quickly assess your own strengths and vulnerabilities when it comes to making disciples who multiply. It's also a powerful tool you can use to help others – and others can use to help you.

Download the Coaching Checklist with the link below and take this quick (5-minutes or less) self-assessment:
  1. Read through the Disciple Training Tools in the far left column of the Checklist.
  2. Mark each one of the Training Tools, using the following method:
    • If you're unfamiliar or don't understand the Tool – check the BLACK column
    • If you're somewhat familiar but still not sure about the Tool – check the RED column
    • If you understand and can train the basics on the Tool – check the YELLOW column
    • If you feel confident and can effectively train the Tool – check the GREEN column

Ask Yourself

  1. Which Training Tools did you feel you would be able to train well?
  2. Which ones made you feel vulnerable as a trainer?
  3. Are there any Training Tools that you would add or subtract from the Checklist? Why?

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