A Person of Peace and How To Find One

This concept can be found in session 5

When you want to make disciples in a place where not many - or maybe even any - exist, then looking for a Person of Peace might be the most important thing you do. A Person of Peace is:

Someone who is OPEN to hearing Your Story, God’s Story and the Good News of Jesus.

Someone who is HOSPITABLE and WELCOMES you into their home or their workplace or to join events with family and friends.

Someone who KNOWS OTHERS (or is KNOWN BY OTHERS) and who is excited to draw together a small group or even a crowd.

Someone who is FAITHFUL and SHARES what they learn with others - even after you’re gone.

Ask Yourself

  1. Can someone who has a "bad reputation" (like the Samaritan woman or the demon-possessed man in the Gadarenes) really be a Person of Peace? Why or why not?
  2. What is a community or segment of society near you that seems to have little (or no) Kingdom presence? How could a Person of Peace (someone who is OPEN, HOSPITABLE, KNOWS OTHERS and SHARES) accelerate the spread of the Gospel in that community?

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