3/3 Group Meeting Pattern

This concept can be found in session 6

A 3/3 (PRONOUNCE AS “Three-Thirds”) Group is one that divides their time together into 3 parts, so that they can practice obeying some of the most important things that Jesus commands. This is how it works:

Look Back - The first third of the group’s time is spent looking back at what’s happened since we’ve been together.

Look Up - The middle third of the group’s time is spent Looking Up for God’s wisdom and direction through scripture, discussion and prayer.

Look Forward - The final third of the group’s time is spent Looking Forward to how we can each apply and obey what we’ve learned.

Ask Yourself

  1. Did you notice any differences between a 3/3 Group and a Bible Study or Small Group you've been a part of (or have heard about) in the past? If so, how would those differences impact the group?
  2. Could a 3/3 Group be considered a Simple Church? Why or why not?

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