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What others are saying

  • There is a great harvest readied in North America not being reached by the status quo. Zúme is a biblical wake-up call and tool to empower the everyday believer to begin walking in the Lords will to multiply disciples.

    Jake Duke — Indiana

  • Do you want to make a difference in your workplace, neighborhood, or circle of friends? The Zúme Project essentially will give you practical rails to run on that follow the example of the Church as seen in the New Testament.

    Gavin Duerson — Kentucky

  • I am so excited to use this Zúme tool to help in training all the soldiers to make and multiply disciples in our neighborhood. Jesus can make it a neighborhood again.

    Chad Rehnberg

  • I believe Zúme can be used by the Lord to reach a huge number of people in our society who would never darken the door of a church building.

    Curtis Sergeant — Alabama

  • This simple and powerful disciple-making tool - for all laborers - has real potential to accelerate and spark healthy multiplication in every community for every nation.

    Zach Duke — Indiana

  • The potential for ZÚME to catalyze a movement of multiplying disciple-makers is unprecedented in our lifetime.

    Forrest Head - Georgia

  • In the West, Zúme is at the forefront of reclaiming a foundational biblical witness, the Church that meets from house to house.

    Neal Karsten — Michigan